December 20, 2010

DIY recycled birch

I always keep old coffee cans instead of tossing them. You never know when inspiration will spark. I was in the middle of breaking down some cardboard boxes for the trash when this idea came to me.

Inspiration. Birch bark. The real deal. But this stuff can get pricey. Craft sites sell these for $17-$22 a piece. Or you can make my faux version for practically nothing. If you want to make a variety of sizes, try using vegetable cans or even gluing 2 stacked ones for a taller vase.

You will need...
coffee or other cans (labels stripped & insides cleaned)
a cardboard box
foam brush
tacky glue
white craft paint
burnt umber craft paint

-Remove the top layer of the cardboard. No need to be careful, just remove in random strips.
-Using your foam brush, cover your coffee can in tacky glue.
-Apply the cardboard strips to the glue covered coffee can. It should look something like this when you're finished:

Tip: Use lots of layers when applying the cardboard strips. The more texture you add the better.
-After the glue is dry (about 10 minutes) apply (1) coat of white paint with your foam brush. Allow another 10 minutes to dry.
-Using a clean brush, dip just the tip in the burnt umber color and apply very thin horizontal lines on top of your white layer. Let dry completely before handling.

All done! There are so many uses for this cute little creation.

Keep the lid and use as a storage container...


Morgan said...

Adorable! This is such a neat DIY project!

Morgan @

Morgan said...

Posting about this creative project today over at the blog! Great job :).

Morgan @ PDB