February 17, 2011

DIY felt & leather cell sleeve

I have a confession...my new Samsung Captivate that Gary got me for Christmas has been naked all this time. Gasp! It's been making me nervous to put it in my purse for fear of getting scratched. Since there's not too many non-iPhone case options out there, I decided to make my own.

1 sheet of felt
1 piece of leather
snaps or velcro
hot glue gun
needle & thread
marking pen
1. Place your phone on the felt sheet and measure 1 inch from the bottom of your phone. Mark a line across the entire sheet of felt, then trim with scissors.

2. Hem the bottom portion (the part you just cut) with pins. The hem should be just under 1/2 an inch. Using your glue gun, slowly glue down the entire length of the hem. It's best to work in sections, removing the pins as needed. Press firmly to seal.

3. For the next part you'll need to place your cellphone on the felt to get the sizing correct. Essentially you'll be hemming the sides just as in step 2. Just remember, the sleeve should be snug but not too tight. After you glue down the side hems, trim the excess felt with scissors. It should look like the right pic when you're finished.

4. For the strap, measure out a 5 1/2 x 1 inch strip on the backside of your leather piece and cut with scissors. Cut the same sized piece from your remaining felt sheet. Attach the 2 pieces with hot glue, trimming the excess with scissors.

5. Fold your hemmed felt piece in half. Using your needle & thread, sew the strap to the back side of the hemmed felt. Cut additional felt squares and attach the snap (or velcro) to the front side of the folded hemmed felt.
6. Using your glue gun, seal the bottom and sides of the folded felt so that it makes a pocket (pictured right)

All done! Believe it or not the hot glue creates a pretty strong bond. Your sleeve won't be coming apart anytime soon. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! 



Absolutely gorgeous, what a fantastic DIY project. Thank you! xx veronika

L. said...

What a cute idea, I adore DIYs!!!
L. from www.missionfashionable.com

Linda said...

This stunning and I posted about you on Craft Gossip Felting and PINed it too :) Thanks for sharing and stop by and leave a comment.



Annabella Merlin said...

I love this! Looks really elegant and sophisticated yet very easy to make! Thanks a lot!

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