August 16, 2011

DIY gift wrap storage

It seems like gift wrap storage is always a chore. I remember as a child my mom performing countless reorganizations of the gift wrap closet. Ribbons & scraps of paper from last year's Christmas - bags, boxes kept for recycling. You know, you remember it too.

I was really getting tired of this problem in my own home. I realized the problem - trying to keep everything organized in a single large bin. If you shift anything (and you will, next time you wrap something) the whole thing becomes a mess. The easiest thing to do is separate the items by function:

gift bags
tissue paper
wrapping paper rolls

The first 3 are easy because they're square and flat. So I began combing the house for a wrapping paper solution. I found this popcorn tin in my husband's office from last Christmas. Perfect.

Dump the remaining stale popcorn, disinfect the inside. Pick something to cover the outside design (unless you like the wintery theme).
Some ideas...spray paint, wrapping paper, cork, fabric, chalkboard paint, or in my case, textured wallpaper. I swear, I love this wallpaper. It was only $16 at Lowes and I've used it for everything from refacing the laundry room cabinets to covering old shoe boxes for pretty storage.

Anyway...if using paper, trim it to the size of your can then attach using a bit of hot glue on the seams. An easy practical storage solution using things you already have around the house. Those are my favorite DIYs.


Pinky's Pages said...

Innovative solution (puts this practical solution to shame ... and the textured paper ** sigh **

Kim said...

Cute solution! I love that textured wallpaper. Right now I'm using one of those organizer kits from the container store - it only holds four rolls so I'm not too crazy about it.

respiratory therapist said...

This is a really great idea. The metal trash bin I use to keep my rolls is already full. I'll find me some cans now. Yes, textured wallpaper is so worth buying. Thank you for this.