June 9, 2013

DIY Glittery Phone Sleeve + Chevron Cover

I truly have iPhone accessory envy. It's not fair that Android users don't have the same glamorous choices. Boo! Anyway lately I've been all about beautifying my smartphone the DIY way. I upgraded my Galaxy S3 clear snap case to one that also has a silicone grip on the sides. It's a bit less likely to go sliding out of my hands. 


  • (1) Gold glitter fabric sheet from Hobby Lobby (this fabric sheet is awesome - it barely sheds glitter and the reverse side is made of a soft canvas material that won't likely scratch your screen)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors

1. Fold the glitter fabric in half and trim with your scissors so that you have a 6" x 8" rectangle
2. Hem the cut edge using your hot glue. Let dry 1 minute
3. Wrap the fabric around your phone so it fits snugly. While holding in place, apply a line of hot glue to the seam and gently press down. Be careful not to get glue on your phone! Let the glue set for a few minutes before use.

The great part about using a clear snap case is that you can easily create your own custom graphic backings, giving your endless inexpensive options for jazzing up your phone case. I made the metallic chevron one above and the rotary phone one pictured below cut from note cards I found in the Target dollar bin. You can also design your own from scratch, use washi tape or scrapbook paper.

All you need is a clear silicone frame for Galaxy S3, scissors & a craft knife. Simply trace the outline of the case on your chosen paper and trim to size. 

I also stumbled across this awesome app called Cocoppa, which allows you to create custom icons for your smartphone apps, contacts & favorite bookmarks. It's available for Android & iPhone users. There are several pre-made icons to choose from but I think you can also make your own. It only replaces the icons on your desktop though. If you go to the applications menu all the app icons are the original ones. They also have some cute wallpapers as well.

And because I'm super organized these days I started putting app shortcuts and contacts in sub-folders...

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1 comment:

Melinda said...

Your handmade phone covers have always looked so chic and, while I'm not big on accessories for electronics for myself, I've always LOVED yours. This glitter one is divine!!

PS - LOVE your contacts shortcuts! ;)