June 13, 2013

DIY Month by Month Onesies

As an avid documentarian, I've been pondering how I want to document our daughter's first year. There are so many creative ideas out there, but ultimately I decided a monthly photo would be the easiest. I was wandering around Hobby Lobby when I came across these adorable polka dot iron-on transfers. I plan on taking her monthly photo wearing these as she lays on this rug. 

This project was fairly simple. I completed the first six in 20 minutes. I was impressed by the quality of the iron-ons. They are flocked texture too! Tip: Always check the store site for sales. I was able to get the onesies at 20% off.

DIY Month by Month Onesies
(1) Polka dot iron-on transfer number set
(3) 0-3 month onesies
(3) 3-6 month onesies
(5) 6-12 month onesies
Note: I plan on taking her 1-year photo in a different outfit. 


  • Pre-wash onesies using baby detergent.
  • Very carefully peel each number transfer and affix to each onesie.
  • Using an iron (on cotton setting) press down on each transfer using medium pressure for 20 seconds. Turn onesie inside out and repeat on the reverse side.

1 comment:

Melinda said...

SO cute! Though you might just want to round out the year with a 12th onesie...11 just seems a bit incomplete.

The fun is dressing her up for the 1st birthday party. I'm thinking a tutu!